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Makhadzi has a twin? (opinion)

Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona well known as Makhadzi,. She was born 30 june 1996. The first song that made Makhadzi to be known well the way she is was "Haka Matorokisi". This song made the people of South Africa to dance while holding each other on the waists. she did not rest when she founds out that her song was loved by many people but instead she released many hits of songs. Last year december each an every house, tarven or car was playing her song.

People indeed showed their appreciation of making them dance the whole December by voting for her to be one of her songs to welcome 2021. Her song tittle "Morahu" won lot of Radio Stations such as Thobela FM and Phalaphala FM.

Apparently Makhadzi posted a picture of her and a lady looking exactly like her. That raised lots of questions that is she a twin of Makhazi or not. check out!!

As people we do not see the same so according to you could it she be Makhadzi sister?? please comment and like..

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Haka Matorokisi Makhazi Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona South Africa Thobela FM


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