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Scandal: Gloria moves into her new apartment as she enjoys all the money while Caiphus rots in jail


Even fools they got someone that the love them. Caiphus knew the drama of Gloria but he want to act like a shark in a pond that’s the results. I'm not surprised that Gloria has chose to enjoy all the money that landed Caiphus in prison all alone while her husband rots in prison, thus proves that Gloria is not loyal to anyone and she is capable of doing anything for money. She chose money over love and the sad thing is that her husband might he spending 15 years in prison and she is not worried at all as she is busy enjoying the money they received from the Kubheka's. Moving into a new apartment while Caiphus is having a hard time in prison was really heartless of her, it seems she is not bothered that her husband is in prison.

Gloria loves money more than caiphus I'm glad he didn't give her the whole 3 million.Why do I have a feeling that Caiphus will get out on parole and come back to find his money all gone, and then he will kill Gloria and go to jail for real. Considering his fast she is spending the money Caiphus will find nothing by the time he gets out of prison, even six months is too much time for Gloria to finish all the money and Caiphus will be left devastated that he went to jail for Gloria to spend all the money by herself.

This money has made Gloria reveal her true colours and it shows that she loves money more that her husband, this money has given her opportunity to live the dream she had always wanted and it's a pity her dream will be short lived.

Once Caiphus returns and finds that Gloria spent all the money this will surely cause problems in their relationship as it will show him that Gloria is irresponsible when it comes to money. She could have invested the money in something that would benefit both of them and secure their future bit she chose to spend it recklessly.

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