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Irina Baeva adorns Gabriel Soto's house to celebrate the actor's daughters

Actor Gabriel Soto thanked his partner, actress Irina Baeva, for the gesture to celebrate their daughters' birthdays.

 And the fact is that although the little ones, which he had when he was married to Geraldine Bazán, had celebrations on February 17 and 19 of the same month, the soap opera actor such as "You remember me" could not be next to them, due to work commitment and because Sunday is when he has custody of the minors.

Elissa Marie was the first to celebrate, as she reached 12 years old, while the other little girl celebrated 7 years just two days after her little sister.

 Given this, the actress of Russian origin took the liberty of decorating the soto house with colorful balloons, streamers and other surprises, in order to celebrate the birth of her partner's daughters.

Gabriel took a couple of photographs and published them in his Instagram Stories section where he added the phrase "Thank you, my love", to thank his partner for the effort he put into making this decoration for the little girls' birthday.

 Later, the actor took the time to share some images of the meeting they held in order to celebrate their daughters. In the photos there are cakes decorated with fondant, with themes from the series "Friends" and the musical group "One Direction".

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