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RhythmCity: Khulekani takes advantage of Suffocate's son, hell is about to break loose

Suffocate's son is not back after many years of being away . He was sent to the boarding school due to his behavior. His father also wanted the best of his son and that is what every parent would do .

Now that he is back ,it seems as though he is in some kind of a deal,he is always jumpy and not himself ,Mzi also noticed this behavior recently.

I suspect he is gay hence he looks jumpy . I'm not sure if Khulekani knows already that he us Suffocate's son but he want to do business with him and by the looks of things ,he is not interested in the boy's ideas about the business but simply want to get intimate with him.

This could be another trick from Khulekani trying to get back at Suffocate for stealing his diamonds. Yesterday during their meeting ,Khulekani ask if him and the boy could go upstairs so he can connect his presentation in the big screen so he can see clearly . He is lying here ,he want to take advantage of the boy . Hell will break loose the moment Suffocate realise what he did to his son.

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