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Husband and wife relationship

Siyacela goes back home, and there might be a little Dlamuka on the way

In the previous episode aired on Saturday 02 October 2021, the Isencane lengane show, Siyacela went back home with his brother. The two brothers left home to Durban the refresh their minds and get out of the Dlamuka's homestead due to the tensions and drama that happening in their home. Unfortunately Siyacela left his wife alone at home to have "fun" in Durban. He was seen in the previous episode having fun with his brothers, drinking alcohol and spending time with Zinhle. Zinhle is the girl he wants to marry as his second wife without his father's Aproval and Thando, the wife's Aproval. Siyacela is definitely lost and blinded by love because he is turning against his wife and father for this new woman . He was ignoring his wife's calls and not even calling to check up on her. And Thando was heartbroken while her husband was out there having fun. On his way home while driving he said to his brother if the father starts yelling at them they should now pack and le3 their home back in Durban to live in peace. Siyacela seems to have forgotten that Thando exists. He is behaving very selfish because he is the one who wanted to marry Thando but now is like he married her for his father. Whem the two brothers got home, their father spoke to them like an elder but siyacela was just not having it. He was just irritated and spoke to his father anyhow. His father was trying to repremand his ba having and reminded him that he has a wife whom he left for a long time. But siyacela said is because the wife is still studying wow! He married her knowing very well that she's study so now that he has a new lover Thando's studies must be an excuse. Siyacela is selfish and he will regret it. We hope Thando sees all this and walks away from this selfish man. As much as Thando has kept her pure and respected her marriage, this is way too much. They are s young and have a long way to go in this marriage thing. They do nst even have children yet but Siyacela is already bored. Bab Dlamuka told siyacela to stop what he's doing with his new woman and that the woman comes from a different family who had certain beliefs, siyacela just did not care and continued to gaslight his father, his father also mentioned that he did not buy food for his wife and took her banks card, siyacela said he did not take it but it was left in the car, yet Thando mentioned that she got notifications that her money was being used. Siyacela is very selfish to have done that to his wife. His father also tried stopping him from going to the woman's house he responded by saying that the house belonged to the new woman and she bulid it herself so it's her house. So thst answered why he took so long in Durban be ase he became the man of house for those days spend there while he took Thando to a yard full of differe people while he was at peace with his new "family " in Durban. Siyacela is full of himself recently,during this whole conversation his dad tried to also warn him of the deadly deseasss and he mentioned that he did a HIv test and his brother also mentioned that Siyacela and his woman tested and that there might be a baby on the way. But siyacela ddi not admit or disagree, he just said his brother is saying things he's not supposed to say. Yoh! Siyacela! This is very painful, if Zinhle is realy pregnant then his marriage with Thando is over, I doubt she will stand for this. After the conversation he went to the house to Thando but she was not so impressed, as a woman she did ask questions but siyacela just had attitude, siyacela even walked away and drove away while his wife was talking to him. This is a painful thing to happen to any woman. We hope and pray that there's no baby and siyacela changes his ways or else there won't be no Thando in the next season.

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