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Who will save Zodwa before it is too late?(Opinion)


Sanah Mchunu who potrays the character of Zodwa from the telenovela Gomora is leaving no stone unturned.She is making sure that everyone gets an understanding of who Zodwa is.Zodwa’s character is relevant in our communities,she has given up on everything besides alcohol.At first it looked as if it was a way of trying to numb her pain but know she is back in her ways of being addicted to alcohol.

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Right when Teddy is ready to conquer the world outside high school her mother is an alcoholic.The relevance and truth in Zodwa’s character is evident in the results of her being drunk.She lost her children and didn’t care if they had food or not as long as she got money to buy alcohol.Alcohol abuse has left many people homeless and children hungry some abused.Luckily for Sibongile and Teddy they have Gladys who took them in.However in reality very few children are lucky to have characters like Gladys.

Photo: @Mzansi Magic (Twitter)

Kudos to the writers and producers for this story line,Sana Mchunu is giving her a game in portraying Zodwa.She does anything and even lie for the sake of getting alcohol.Being addictive to alcohol is not something that one can conquer over night.Zodwa’s focus is now waking up,getting drunk,sleep and doing the same thing again on the next day.One thing is clear that the people who gets affected the most are the loved ones of the person who have addiction problem.Teddy is now stressed about her mother instead of his matric results.See the link below:

Photo:@mzansi magic (Twitter)

Who will save Zodwa?Will she be able to conquer her addiction before it’s too late?Should Gladys try and save her again or should she let her be? It is ironic how Zodwa was nonchalant towards her actions and now she acts as if she cares about her children.One thing is clear that all she wants is the means of getting her next drink.

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