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MANSA ON INSTAGRAM: I am living South Africa and going back home in USA

Mansa Mayne says she has been in South Africa for a long time and he has enjoyed being around the country. He loves Amapiano a lot and he got a chance to groove with people who are naturally into the music because it is South Africa. He first fell in love with South Africans Amapiano through YouTube, where he shared his reactions to anything that happened in South Africa.

He even met the famous Nota, who has made huge comments on podcasts about himself and anyone. Mansa also went to Durban July, which is one of the best moments many people loved and they go there for different reasons. Some just want to spend money and enjoy the vibe, while other people are in it for making money. The Chillers from the Podcast and Chill with MacG have been waiting for him.

It will be sad for them to know that he could not make it, but he will try to chill with them before he leaves or next time. From how he came to the country and explored the South Africa, it was something that he did not expect to live very soon. Many people still want to chill with him, and they will share life from different experiences. He had to learned about life in the United States of America and in South Africa.

It is preferable to learn something about the location you will be visiting, but you can't learn everything without actually visiting the city. Mansa even went into the studio to have a chance on the mic to do Amapiano music and the sad part of it will be not being able to meet the artist he loves from the Amapiano music. He loves Nkosasana's daughter.

It is beautiful to explore a country as someone like Mansa, and by now, he knows what happens. In terms of the types of food that people loves, some of them he did not even taste, and in the USA, they are not eating them. Just like with Pap, Biltong, and Mogodu are the few things they don't eat. There are those who do not want to eat them even though they are from South Africa. Some people don't eat red meat at all.

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