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The Truth About Jacob Zuma And the Abathembu King Dali Ndyebo Exposed

The Truth About Jacob Zuma And the Abathembu King Dali Ndyebo Exposed

Date: 2022/01/22

The truth is that Dali Ndyebo and Jacob Zuma understand each other very well, they know how the universe works, dream it and you can become it. The truth is that they respect each other and they love one another that is why they move as they do.

Jacob Zuma was the first-ever person to understand that the world we live in has a lot of tricks, they have tried multiple times to make people sick just to create an economy out of nothing, people should understand that this is a game, and we can only win it if we are kind to one another, not be driven by greed and Pharma companies that are meant to discredit us and make us look small.

African men should learn how to control themselves, Jacob Zuma is a king in his own regard, he never finished school but he is rich and he has a lot of English people in his corner defending him, all he has to do is just be kind to himself and his family, in this world we will always win just as long as we do not give up.

Dalindyebo to have tea with Zuma | Citypress

Positivity is how we win in an environment where we have people trying to tie us down to non-sense, we have to stay strong the wealth is on the way, so is the spirit of abundance, life is a game, people with the most self-control are likely to win.

All we have to do is just keep pushing and something will hit, we have to have egos, that is the only we will manage to win, belief is a very strong word but it will be shaken if we do not learn how to master it. 

We can always command our bodies to be strong in the world where we have people and organizations that are still pushing the same envelope, that is holding us back. Zuma does have respect it is just newspapers that are looking for a way to cut him out make him feel small and discredit him to his own people. 


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