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Jub-Jub' s secret wife. Why is he hiding her?

What's the deal with this being so enigmatic? Jub may have "files" on everyone, but he's decided to keep his marriage and his spouse hidden from the rest of society.

It was Jub's appearance on Podcast and Chill that thrust him into the public eye.

While the rapper and media personality openly discussed his relationships with Amanda du Pont and Kelly Khumalo, South Africans are eager to learn more about one woman in his life.

She's the one he's been seeing.

In spite of being a fan, the star has kept his relationship with his significant other a secret from him.


Little is known about the current relationship status of the Uyajola 9/9 moderator, even though he knows all about South Africans and celebrities.

Some sources claim that Jub is married to Zenith "Zee" Mia, and that they have a daughter together. Appearances suggest that Apex is a Capetonian with Italian ancestry.

One of her company's CEOs is said to have had an encounter with the star while the star was incarcerated after being sentenced to life in prison for homicide.

On his better half, he said to TshisaLive in 2018: "This woman has been through it all. She had been there before, and she stayed by my side throughout my time in prison and the hardships that came with it. She never judged me, vilified me, or looked at me in a different light than most people do."

Also, if you think you'll ever be able to find a picture of Jub and his wife, think again. That well-known life doesn't concern the moderator's better half, he claims.

Then he said: "The reason you haven't seen her is because she's not there for the money, the fame, or anything else. When I was younger, I made a mistake by exposing my private life to the public.

"She doesn't need the attention, the cameras, or the pictures; none of that matters to her. She doesn't want to do interviews because she's no longer in the public eye.

Jail SEX claims to have been involved in sex crimes.

According to the Ombudsman, Jub and Zenith were found to have intercourse with Drummagazine while incarcerated in a South African prison.

The magazine reported that a jail superintendent discovered the couple engaged in a sex act while the rapper was supposed to be on stage.

After several instances of overcrowding, he was transferred to Leeuwkop Correctional Center.

A letter of apology and withdrawal was sent to the well-known couple by Drummagazine.


Since the time of his podcast and chill meeting with Mac G, Jub has been on the move. After his ex Amanda du Pont accused him of assaulting her while they were dating, he was slammed by fans and adherents alike.

Kelly Khumalo's purported abuse by him has also been documented on the internet.

Currently, tweeps are expressing their displeasure with his actions while also expressing concern for the well-being of his beloved.

"Despite my best efforts, I can't help but worry about Jub's significant other. Has he abused her in any other way? Is it safe to assume that she is even more afraid to leave than usual? I have complete faith in her ability to recover."

"Then again, it would be interesting to hear from his spouse. She may be in danger."

"A disregard for his significant other can be seen in his comments on a digital broadcast about how he crushed one young lady after another. He is probably dangerous to her, too."

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