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"Help! My two daughters are turning into snakes!" |fiction

A mother reached out to Tuko channel to cry for help as she doesn't know what is happening in her house!

She says it started when two of her daughters started having random Seizures but thus escalater to very strange behavior!

My daughter alternaye between themselves by acting out like snakes! They Hiss and roll on the floor like snakes with their eyes rolled to the back!

She explains that it is very scary and till to date no pastor or Prophet has been able to assist them!

At time the mother says she is attacked in her dreams but because she is a woman of prayer she always fights back and can escape from the claw of the devil!

I am even scared of my daughters they are literally turning into snakes!  

I need recommendations of where i can take them as i cant watch them turn into conplete snakes whole i never attempted to do anything!


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