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Top 8 celebs who struggled with eating disorders


The singer used Instagram Stories to reveal a photo from when she was battling an eating condition. A fan requested that she submit a photo of "you at your lowest moment" while participating in the "post a picture of" trend. “TW: ED, seek for help,” Halsey captioned a now-deleted photo of herself on Instagram.

She then apologized to supporters for not providing a "adequate trigger warning" when she shared the photo.

“I was anxious about posting it and didn't think it through thoroughly. I had the best of intentions. “I would never want to hurt someone who is going through the same thing as me,” the singer stated on Twitter.

Charli D’Amelio

In a personal Instagram Stories post, she wrote, "I've always tried to utilize my voice when it comes to issues surrounding body image, but I've never talked about my own struggles with eating disorders." “It's terrifying to admit even to your closest friends and family, let alone the rest of the world. I've been hesitant to admit that I have an eating disorder, but I'm hoping that by doing so, I'll be able to help someone else.”

“I know eating problems are something that so many other people are also facing behind closed doors,” Charli, 16, stated.

Sam Smith

In January 2020, Sam shared an Instagram post concerning their body image difficulties. “It feels great to be able to take my top off while on vacation. They wrote, "I've spent my entire life shielding my body from the light." “That LIGHT has been soaking into my skin over the past year. Don't let anyone or anything get in the way of you receiving that kiss from above, you lovely humans.”

They previously opened up about their insecurities in February 2019. “In the past, if I had done a photo session with even a T-shirt on, I would have starved myself for weeks in advance, then picked and probed at every shot, and then generally pulled the picture down,” the “Fire on Fire” singer captioned a shirtless photo.

Zayn Malik

Zayn excels at expressing himself via music, and it has undoubtedly aided him in conquering his eating condition.

“People saw strength in that, and they didn't seem to expect it from a guy, but they expect it from a female, which to me is crazy,” the former One Direction singer said in a 2017 interview with The Sunday Times on disclosing his disorder. Every single one of us is a human being. People are often afraid to recognize problems, but I don't feel that anything that is true should be a struggle.” PREACH.


Kesha has been through a lot in her life, but before the Dr. Luke sexual assault allegations, she battled an eating condition for which she sought treatment in 2014.

She told Vogue in 2015, "There was a lot of not eating — and I started to think being hungry to the point of feeling almost faint was a good thing." “The worse things got, the more favorable responses I got. Outside, people said, 'Wow, you look great.'" On the inside, I was miserable, but outside, people said, "Wow, you look wonderful."

Hillary Duff

Hilary was dangerously underweight for several years during her adolescence, and her eating condition went virtually unreported.

“I got pretty slim when I was between 17 and 19,” the actress told Perez Hilton. I'm not sure what got me on that kick, but I was starting to notice what others were saying about me and how I looked in images at the time. With nothing else, I ate nothing but steamed vegetables and broiled or grilled poultry. I was on tour at the time, traveling all over the place, and I was exhausted. It's quite dangerous to deprive your body of the nutrients it need. I'm sorry since I don't believe I was pleased at the time.”

Demi Lovato

Demi has been candid about her bulimia and body dysmorphic disorder difficulties. She's even admitted to having relapsed on occasion.

“I'd be lying if I said there weren't days where I just want to remain in bed all day because I'm ashamed of my body,” the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer told People after entering a rehab facility at the age of 18 years old. It's a battle I'll most likely have to fight for the rest of my life. But I don't want to waste my life because I have so much to live.”

Billie Eilish

Over the years, Billie has been open about her problem with body dysmorphia. She told Rolling Stone that when she was 12, she joined a dancing group and it transformed the way she saw herself.

“That was perhaps the point in my life when I felt the most insecure. I wasn't as sure of myself. I couldn't just be normal and speak. You wear teeny-tiny clothes to dance. And I've never felt at ease in extremely small clothing. I was constantly self-conscious about how I looked. My body dysmorphia had reached its pinnacle at that point. She explained, "I couldn't look in the mirror at all."

“I just despised my body,” the singer added to Vogue. I'd have given anything to be in a different situation. I had a strong desire to be a model, despite the fact that I was overweight and small. I started developing at a young age. At the age of nine, I had boobs. At 11 a.m., I got my period. As a result, my body was moving faster than my mind. It's odd because as a child, you don't think about your body at all. And then you look down and think to yourself, 'Whoa.' 'What can I do to get this to stop?'

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