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Uthando Ne'Sthembu Viewers Show Love To MaKhumalo

In spite of the touchy idea of MaKhumalo's richness issues, Musa Mseleku keeps on disappointing watchers by the manner in which he examines the issue on the show. 

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MaKhumalo has gotten serious about her battles with barrenness yet Mseleku actually demands he needs kids to broaden his family's last name. In the most recent scene of the show, Musa and his spouses visited the ruler to examine his will and how a few families don't have young men, so he needed to know how he should approach this. 

This is as custom directs that once the dad passes on, the little girls must be dealt with by the children of every family. What infuriated watchers was that MaKhumalo was by and by reminded that she can't consider. 

Watchers took to online media to respond to the scene. Some need Musa to acknowledge that MaKhumalo can't imagine rather than continually advising her that and saying he needs more kids. 

@Tsigwili "You know there's couples that couldn't have children despite the fact that they attempted, the moment they isolated or separate, the two of them in their new connections have children, now and again it's definitely not intended to be. 

@yolish_ "Makhumalo is the casualty in all of this but then she actually conducts herself with such a lot of pride. I can't envision the feelings she goes through #Uthandonesthembu 

@Limpzie. "For what reason isn't Musa tolerating Makhumalo as she is? That is to say, she's continually being reminded that she can't have children in the most offending ways. #Uthandonesthembu,"

Musa even constrained his children to rehearse polygamy to emulate his example. This is as he needs to grow his family. His 20 year old child Mpumelelo, as of late let Day by day Sun know that he as of now has a child mom and a sweetheart. "I'm not cheating however I'm emulating my dad's example. My relationship with them is based on trust and straightforwardness. There's no confidential with regards to it. The child mother lives in Cape Town and my other sweetheart lives in Durban," he told the distribution. 

"Shockingly I can't uncover their names however I've been dating them starting around 2019 and I acquainted them with one another. There's no battle among them since I was straightforward with them from the start." 

"I caused them to comprehend the master plan. I mean well for them yet I should be monetarily steady before I make the best decision," said Mpumelelo.


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