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Will John Maputla do what Meikie asked him to? #SkeemSaam

You are missing out on entertainment and education if you don't watch #SkeemSaam.

There’s no way Mantuli and her son will hear John out in this situation the only reason why Julie wants Meiki to go to prison is not because she’s concerned about her safety, she wants her gone because she knows about the financial benefits she may get from John.

We're here for Meikie Maputla who is about to bankrupt her family OR get in bed with Sikes the devil. Meikie ask John to lie under oath if he is to be called as witness against her. If John gets called I need him to open his chest John shouldnt even be subjected to protecting her because She brought all of this upon herself.

I don’t under by John never has anything to say when Meikie keeps blaming him. He wasn’t the one who asked her to go on a shooting spree.

Meikie shot and killed Tumishang, threatened Charity with her gun and ran her out of town. Babeile took her gun from her but her son cause he is mr know it all he got it back for her. She shot Zamo and his mother, gets arrested and mysteriously gets out of jail.

Ramolao and Koloi having english breakfast. Just when you though koloi finally found a breakthrough then boom R15 000 software.

Mary is suspicious about the sudden turn of events in Noah’s life. Apparently Noah is being moved to another prison in Northern cape, Bra skies is also not happy with it. what does Sikes think he's gonna do? Burn the prison down to stop them from moving Noah?


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