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WATCH: Lasizwe clears the air regarding his stay in mental health facility

Neighborhood web-based media star Lasizwe Dambuza eliminated any confusion in regards to his psychological well-being venture after recordings of him at Sun City over the course of the end of the week caused a stir. 

Last week, the "Drink or Tell the Truth" have shared a video of himself looking into a wellbeing health office on Twitter. 

He stated: "One thing about me, I am not modest to communicate how I feel. I have registered myself with a Mental Health Wellness Facility. 

"I haven't been OK for as long as months. I have been so discouraged. I have chosen to battle this by enjoying some time off and managing this 1 on 1." 

Be that as it may, recordings and tweets began to go around of the YouTuber moving and cutting at the Sun City Takeover occasion, which brought up issues with respect to the length of his visit at the office. 

I thought Lasizwe was at a Mental Health Facility moes. 

— Thabang (@Tbang_rav88) November 27, 2021 

Bathong Lasizwe is in Sun City at the homecoming takeover? 

What happened did he leave the psychological well-being foundation 

— Boipelo (@Boipelo_NM) November 27, 2021 

What Lasizwe did concerning that psychological wellness thing is the greatest affront to individuals who really have emotional well-being issues 

He's bustling Dancing to OSAMA in Sun City right now.. 

— ChrisExcel (@ChrisExcel102) November 27, 2021 

Not Lasizwe being in recordings at Sun City when he's *checked in* at a Mental Institution👀🌚 

— Nantsika🌈 (@Elethu_Neev) November 27, 2021 

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Lasizwe imparted a video to his authority articulation with respect to the matter, saying: "So there has been a video that has been doing the rounds, essentially it has circulated around the web and I am engaged with that video. 

"I feel obliged to address this on the grounds that to me, it is a big deal it's something that I am as yet managing. 

"So I had a decision to either include my fans in my psychological wellness venture or to stay silent with regards to it, yet I decided to include you folks as a type of mindfulness that it is required for you to deal with yourself and realize when to pause and enjoy some time off." 

Moreover, he shared that the video shared last week was taken toward the finish of his visit at the office and that he ought to have made it clear to his fans that this was the situation. 

"I had educated my group that if it's not too much trouble, post the video towards the finish of my excursion, which I accept on their side and my side we neglected to likewise emphasize that and say that, folks, this is towards my finish of my excursion. 

"So everybody was under the feeling that I am as yet in the office. Furthermore, I likewise, on my end neglected to refresh you all that I am out. I'm well, I'm progressing nicely." 

Finishing the video, Lasizwe shared that he got freedom from his medical services experts to get back to work and that this is a continuous excursion, additionally saying 'sorry' to his fans for not imparting this adequately. 

"I'm great, I'm back, I'm working, and the show needs to happen under my PCP's oversight. 

"You know, my analyst, my specialist. They accepted that I am fit to return into the huge world and to do the thing I love the most, which is being with you folks, my fans ... I will apologize to individuals that, you know, are managing this since it's not something that travels every which way. 

"It's something that stayed with you forever, and we remained along with this, yet we will win this. 

"So I definitely need to refresh you all. I'm in great soul. I was in Sun City. I was working and thank you for your interests. Much obliged to you for your messages. I like you all." 

Watch the full video beneath: 

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: I might want to put some clearness on your substantial worries. 

— Lasizwe (@lasizwe) November 29, 2021

WATCH: Lasizwe clears the air regarding his stay in mental health facility (

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