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Embarrassing: Makhadzi Was Pushed Away By a Security As She Was Trying to Hug Zozibini, See Reaction

There are a lot of challenges that come with being a celebrity. People are always watching what you do, and they tend to see the bad in everything that happens to you, no matter where you are. A video of Makhadzi being taken away by security was recently posted on social media, which upset a lot of people. On social media, people are upset about a video that is being called "morally wrong." Zozibini Tunzi used to be Miss Universe. In the video, Tunzi's bodyguard pushes Makhadzi out of the way so she can't greet Tunzi. On the video, Makhadzi says hello to Tunzi. On Saturday, August 13, the incident happened at the SunBet Arena at Time Square in Pretoria. It happened during the Miss South Africa competition. 

Fans of Makhadzi don't like how Zozibini Tunzi's security pushed her out of the way like she was no one so that Zozibini could pass. Before the show started, Makhadzi and Tunzi were hugging and making small talk when a member of Zozi's security team grabbed Zozi and "rudely" pushed Makhadzi out of the way. Tunzi and Makhadzi were talking when they were cut off. 

The famous dancer was left with egg on her face, and in the video, she can be seen apologizing and brushing off the bad situation. The dancer ended up with egg on her face because of this. Makhadzi's followers are upset with the bodyguard's "disrespectful" treatment of Makhadzi. Many people have tried to find similarities between Makhadzi and Zozibini Tunzi in order to show how much more "important" Makhadzi was than Zozibini Tunzi. Fans of Makhadzi said that she didn't deserve to be treated this way. Watch the video below to see what went on:

From my point of view, the guard was doing his job. His job is to keep people from getting too close to Zozi without permission, so he didn't do anything wrong. She did something wrong. She should have told her security that everything was fine and that he could relax, but she didn't. Instead, she kept quiet and walked away as if nothing was wrong. How do you feel about this video? Do you think the guard made a mistake? Please share your thoughts below



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