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"Women do it all the time, who claps for them"?fans react to a father going to work with his daughter

From our great great grandmother's to our mothers,it was always known that mothers were the ones to take care of the baby and even up to today ladies are always the ones that take of the baby atleast 80 % of the time.

Babies are the most beautiful and precious gift from God and they are always a blessing.It is always beautiful to see when the father of the child also takes part in raising the child and also being there all the way.

A man was spotted carrying the child on his back to a taxi and he was wearing formal.A lot of people applauded him for doing that as it is not really common to see a man carrying a baby.

One lady commented ad said that "many women have been doing that and they are still are carrying their babies on their backs but i don't remember anyone applauding them for that".

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