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Masechaba and Amanda need more counselling after all this drama | Opinion

Counseling is needed after all this dramatic debate about Jub Jub accusations| there are

Many doubts after these two mistakes was spotted from Amanda and Masechaba statements

Table are turning very fast and things are getting very back in a very shocking way. Moja love presenter known as Jub Jub with his real name being Molemo Katleho Maarohanye. He is a South African Media Personality who is a successful hip hop artist and TV Host of popular shows such as Uyajola 9/9. He recently tried to reveal some dirty secrets about his ex girlfriend Kelly Khumalo and Amanda du Point

Unfortunately things turned against him as they both came up with a very shocking counter attack. Kelly Khumalo revealed that she was once forced to have se#ual intercourse by Jub Jub. He did not end there as he was also abusing her physically and emotionally. Within a very short period of time Amanda du Point also joined claiming to be se#ually assaulted by Jub jub. It was long ago reported that Amanda was r*ped but she confirmed that it was not Jub Jub (at that time).

Out of a blue... Masechaba joined and revealed her shocking story too. She revealed on tweeter that she was r*ped too by the same Jub Jub at the age of 17. What was noticeable is that Masechaba highlighted the fact that Jub Jub took her Viginity.

Rap*d for three days but kept her viginity?

Owk, but going back to the year 2019 Masechaba also claimed that she was r*ped at the age of 9 by her own father. That makes a total of two r*pe cases. One of her father and the one she experienced at the age of 17. What is questionable is that she claims that she was still a virgin when Jub Jub r*ped her.

Another close relative of Jub Jub came forward too and told everyone a similar story of how Jub Jub took her own virginity. 

He is yet to release a statement on these fast growing allegations and by the look of things he will be going back to prison and for a very long time since he was out on parole.

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