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Should Boity get R450 000 as a girlfriend allowance?

Boity wants 450 000 girlfriend allowance


Sources: Boity Thulo Twitter page

Boity has a girl talk with Mihlali and things get interesting when Boity reveals that she expects R450 000 as a girlfriend allowance. I mean this is a lot of money for a girlfriend allowance. I know that she works hard and beautiful. But i think that people should give their girlfriends what they can afford. Boity is a celebrity and ofcourse she will date a person who is on her league to make things easier. Mihlali says her allowance is R30 000, wow these girls.

Boity is an independent women and i believe that she can make a R450 000 a week that is why she wants her boyfriend to give her that kind of a money. If a guy really loves her, why not spend as much as they can. Boity has all the right features to be given this money and people should not judge her, because some people don't mind to give her that kind of money. South African has many people who are millionaires, but they do not show other people that they have that kind of a money.

In my opinion i think R450 000 is too much no matter how famous you are. If your boyfriend can afford to give you that kind of money then it is not a problem. Girlfriend allowance should not be compulsory, i am saying this because some people date each other and their love is pure without any money or expensive things. If you live an expensive life then it is a must to get a boyfriend who is a millionaire and willing to spend a lot of money on you. Fans are shocked at Boity's decision on wanting this kind of a money from a boyfriend. She has her own money then why would she want this kind of money though?

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