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Suffocate Ndlovu is no longer Joining " Imbewu"

After several attempts of wanting Suffocate to go down, Khulekanis plan failed again and now he has made things even worse as the rising of Suffocate made him powerless and soon his other employees will go and work with Suffocate.

It was said that Suffocate will join " Imbewu" but by the look of things ,its like he is not going anywhere anymore , unless he will be acting on both stories at the same time as he is the main actor on Rhythmcity as well.. the rumor of him not joing Imbewu seems to be true .Rhythm City will seriously be boring without him if he were to leave for good.Khulekani is now planning a big hit on Suffocate, let's hope this time around their plans doesnt fail. If Suffocate happen to go,his character had many story lines, from being a business man,a husband ,a father and the lead of the gang. Whoever will be replacing him will have a big shoes to fill.

On the other hand, Kea is inlove with Mapulas Ex boyfriend, the two got close together when Banele started helping Kea with her school work as she was struggling, they went together to the matric dance and now their feeling for each other has grown to be strong .

Will Mapula ever forgive Kea for betraying her trust ?will their sisterhood relationship survive this ?. I believe mama Blossom can see that something is going on between Banele and Kea ,they time she finds out ,hell will break loose .

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