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Umndeni | Viewers Question Maseko's Way Of Doing Things



When we started watching umndeni, Maseko had about 7 wives and we enjoyed seeing him figure out how to keep all of them happy.

This proved itself to be a bit impossible as some of his wives walked away and he was only left with 2 being Mam'khulu and Dabula.

You might question how it was so easy for the other wives to walk away from their husband, but that's because Maseko had not paid lobola for all the other 5, so while Maseko might have been referring to them as "wives" they were just girlfriends.

On the recent episode of Umndeni, Maseko introduces a new girlfriend and tells his wives that he wants to bring her in as the new wife.

Kim invited Maseko to meet her parents and informed them that in any event that she does not come home, they should not worry.

This angered Kim's parents as they failed to understand how Maseko would allow a child to convince him that this is how things are done?

Maseko has been around and he knows very well that that is not how a man gets introduced, especially after the drama that transpired while Kim was in Pretoria.

While some still enjoy the show, some viewers feel as though the show needs a production break to allow them to regroup and think of a new approach.

Maseko is giving out the wrong impression about Isithembu and how it should be treated as and that is exactly what viewers are against.

The show is a bit unrealistic and constantly shows that it is scripted.

Do you think that Moja Love should give Umndeni a production break?

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