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"Stop selling mics to straight men" Twitter sends a strong message to MacG after Ari Lennox fallout

The uncensored podcast wth MacG has always been controversial. Just last year they brought us the Natasha Thahane scandal, The huge Jub Jub expose and it seems he isn't done quite yet. During an interview with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Ari Lennox, he struck again.

Asking her uncomfortable questions about her sexuality that she has since take to Twitter to discuss.

The general consensus among those of us who don't hate women was that his question was both vulgar and inappropriate. That Ari Lennox has songs that detail her sexuality, doesn't mean interview etiquette goes out of the window. Ari herself took to Twitter to discuss the interview and it got intense with South Africans who were defending this behaviour.

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Social Media Opinion

It was a reflection of this country and the worst one yet. There is a reason out GBV rates are high in this country and ignorance will not fix it. Twitter user were understandably disappointed but not surprised.

One user wrote, "stop selling mics to straight men." Referring to the podcaster

Lerato Mannya wrote, "This Ari situation has truly exposed just what kind of nonsense SAn women have to deal with every day."

Another user wrote, "MacG's defenders pride themselves in lacking decency."

Nonhle Beryl wrote, "This is so heartbreaking. We can’t even defend them because this is literally their culture. This is what South African women are living with and surviving every single day. 

We’re just sad that you were exposed and had to experience it too. 🥺💔"

Personal Thoughts

I have to say I 100% agree with the sentiments of the users above. It takes a certain level of sensationalism to overlook basic humanity. It is a vile way to live and I do not think it should be rewarded with support. I've seen people posting that other podcast have done the same thing but that's not a sign of a good thing. When you interview people, they are giving you their time and to respect it is there minimum. He shouldn't have asked her that, plain and simple. An apology is necessary but I doubt Ari will get one.

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