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Dj Sbu responds to the mocks made about his look see what he had to say

Dj Sbu addresses the jokes that have been made about his appearance; read what he has to say about it here. 

Dj Sbu has asked people to stop commenting on his beard and hair in a video that he has shared on his social media page. In the video, he notes that there are more pressing issues facing the nation than people's opinions of his beard and hair. 

He can be heard smiling in his video saying, "It has been brought to my attention that some individuals have the misconception that I do not bathe; gentlemen, come on, there are far more significant issues that can be discussed in our nation. Do not mess with my ntshebe or my hair. I have been employed for a good number of years, and I have nothing left to demonstrate. Am good." 

Dj Sbu claimed that people are acting disrespectfully toward him, but that he still loves them and that he has no plans to shave his hair or beard. People shouldn't be concerned about his appearance but rather the information he provides them with, and they should keep an eye out for tips on how to become a millionaire. The decision to not comb his hair and maintain a full beard is one that he makes for himself. 

His appearance did not indicate that he does not bathe, and he reassured his followers that not only was he well and in good health, but that his team, family, and children were also in good health, and that business was expanding.


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Dj Sbu


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