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Pregnancy period

Skeem Saam: Eunice reveals secret about Pretty's pregnancy

Things get worse when Eunice reveals the secrets about Pretty's pregnancy, because Kwaito thought Eunice was the one who is pregnant, pretty is in a serious trouble because Lehasa Maphosa is the father of the baby but he will refuse to be responsible the moment she try to tell him, pretty regrets to sleep with Lehasa Maphosa but she keeps blaming Eunice.

Lehasa Maphosa and Seakamela's family are enemies, So Mantuli will be angry the moment she discovers that pretty is pregnant for Lehasa Maphosa and Lehasa Maphosa does not want to take responsibility, Lehasa will think that it is a trap.

Pretty Seakamela wants to do and abortion, but things does not go according to the way she wants,and if Eunice reveals the secret because she does it, which means her family might try to stop her because it is very risky to do abortion,or she might regret for her entire life.

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