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Pregnancy period

OPINION: Thati ends Gladys pregnancy on purpose because she wants Melusi all to herself

Thati has ended Gladys pregnancy on purpose

Since Melusi Dlamini has left his house to live with Thati he never seemed to find happiness that he was hoping that he will get with Thati, because they always fight with a lot of arguments involved.

Melusi Dlamini has left his wife Gladys because he finds out that his wife has killed his precious son Langa who he had with Thati when they were still growing up. Melusi could not take it then he left his lovely home to live with Thati.

Recently Thati has visited Gladys because she wanted to confront her about what she is feeling guilty about. They agrued to a point where Thati started pushing Gladys against a table which has resulted Gladys having a miscarriage. Melusi is not going to be happy about what her girlfriend has done to his wife, he will definitely go back to his wife and comfort her.

Gladys may not feel guilty about the miscarriage, i am saying this because she did not want to keep the baby in the first place and she will also remember hat she killed Langa and this could be the revenge. Thati is going to be shocked to learn that her and Gladys have both killed Melusi's children.

Melusi is not going to believe that both of the women that he loves they are busy ending his children's lives. On the real note though he is gonna go back to live with Gladys because that is where he belongs. Gladys and Nthati should both come clean about what they have done, it is up to them if they fogive each other or what.

In my opinion i think both of these women are capable of doing anything, they are just all criminals even Melusi we will get to see how he was when growing up because Don is about to show us very soon.


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