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SA tik tok star "Paballo" might leave the platform due to this.

SA tiktoker "Paballo" might leave the platform due to this

Since its emergence in 2006, and to the South African social media space. Tik Tok absolutely gave the country many gorgeous human beings and visibly born-to-entertain individuals. Paballo "Mam K" Kgware happens to be one of them, but, she may be leaving the platform soon.

Paballo mentioned this on social media (twitter) while she was describing the toxicity of the tik tok platform. According to her statement, tik tok is now getting toxic and she does not imagine herself staying on the social media entertainment platform any longer.

Her exact words were : "TikTok is getting waaaaay too toxic for me hey? Don’t see myself staying there much longer".

Even though at first she did not explain the reasons behind this specific post, a follower responded and the topic of mental health was illuminated.

Big ups to Paballo for making her mental health a priority. Social media can be immensely detrimental to one's mental health and cause severe issues with time. And this is because of people's negativity and their inability to see the human being behind the screen.

One of the disadvantages of social media is that people hide behind anonymity and use it to their advantage to bully people. Cyber bullying is also an issue on social media platforms. People comment and share without considering anyone who might be affected in the process.

Therefore, South Africans and the entire globe must be sensitive in the way they use social media. It was meant to be a space of socialisation and bring people around the world closer by the usage of technological phenomena. Rather than promoting violence, negativity, hate speech or toxic opinions on social media, one can take a break to realign with themselves and come back as a better citizen with good morals and values.

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