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Mzansi Calling Sthembile To Leave Sakhile With Immediately Effect In #MinaNaweHouse Because Of This

Mzansi Calling Sthembile To Leave Sakhile With Immediately Effect In #MinaNaweHouse 

Source: Hashtag #MinaNaweHouse twitter page

There was definitely no healing in #minanawehouse. Mzansi is glad this season is over. Taking away lessons only here .I don’t wanna see myself with the type of men I saw here or even be in such toxic relationships nd not chose happiness nd myself.

Sthembile does not see her values. I need Sthembile to see her worth. Sakhile is milking her dry. How Sithembile allows this small boy to disrespect is beyond me. People don’t want to be alone vele they just grab anything from the street and call it a relationship.

I hope from here sthembile will learn to respect herself. She is Embarrassed for her kids after Sakhile said he used to come for sex and sometimes find her with someone else.

Sakhile: I used to go to Sthe for sex only not even knowing her name & this went on for a long while. Guys in the hood also used to say they go to her for sex. Respect starts with you, Sakhile will continue to disrespect her cause of how she carries herself.

People are focused on Atchar and ignoring that fact. Sthembile tolerating Sakhile shit everyday wanting weed money and eating 5 times a day and his here calling her Artchar. He slept with her the whole year without knowing her name, sometimes he goes to her and find someone else. Sakhile was very wrong for that archaar comment. I honestly don’t understand the anger. The word might be rude, but we get what he was trying to say.

I hope she finds the strength to walk away and learn to love herself. Sthembile doesn't deserve this kind of humiliation from Sakhile. I'm so defeated and heartbroken by those words. Some saying such words to you or about you yet claim to love you. Yho I could hit him right now. She really needs to leave, am surprised she still keeps staying. He keeps repeating this.



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