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Celebrities who stayed with their partners when they were broke until they had money

kemosabe and clement maosa

As a child, the actor lost both of his parents, resulting in a difficult childhood. In the end, Clement was raised by his maternal grandmother. Being in college and studying law shows how ambitious the actor was as a youngster. It wasn't easy, but he pushed through it anyway. Working hard for himself, Kemo was always there to support him. Clement is now a successful actor in the entertainment industry, still dating the same woman. They even had a baby boy a few years ago. As long as you're doing it together, I think it's a good thing because it helps you grow closer.

ebony and elihashi elihlophe

Perhaps the most heartwarming love stories ever told involves two legends of popular music. It was during a concert where the husband and wife were scheduled to perform that the husband met his future wife. It was revealed by Ihhashi elimhlophe that even though his financial situation was precarious at the time, his wife loved him anyway. He revealed that she paid for his driver's license and they started working together as musicians and built everything they have today. Do not run from those men because they are broke; instead, help them and you two may end up being the best of partners.

It's Shante vs. Snoop Dogg.

They met in high school and fell in love, eventually getting married. It wasn't long before Shante witnessed Snoop Dog's career take a turn for the worse. The interviewee also revealed that she was there when he cheated on her. They'll be apart, but they'll be reunited eventually, I'm sure of it. There can be no other explanation for this than true love.

Both Bianca and Ricky Rick had a good time

It was in the early 2010s that Ricky Rick first met Bianca, according to the singer. The time he was trying to break into the music industry when he was not well-known was during this time period. Ricky Rick also had a child from a previous relationship, and Bianca was happy to accept them both. Wife has always been there to support him in everything he does.


It was a long time before the rapper and his ex-wife were able to get married. This man's ex-wife has always been there for him when he first started out in music. Even though the two have separated, they remain very close.


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Clement Kemo


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