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Mzansi Is Left In Tears After This Boy Were Seen Wearing This In His Graduation. See In Pictures

Upon seeing this boy at his graduation wearing it, Mzansi burst into tears of anger. In Pictures

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On Friday, the UKZN Westville Campus held a graduation ceremony for 23-year-old Dumisani Ngobese, who was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree. His graduation ceremony attire was noticeably less formal than that of his peers, who were dressed in tuxedos and suits alike. It was a day that many people went all out to prepare for. For this young man, the situation was unique because he was raised only by his grandma.

Having worked so hard, the young guy was overjoyed to get the accolades he had worked so hard to achieve. Irrespective of whether or not we dress formally, I'm guessing it was tears of joy, because he appeared to be very emotional as he reflected.

Dumisani, who is currently pursuing an Honours degree, is ecstatic with the trip he has taken and how it has finally paid off. It has never been an easy road, but perseverance is a virtue if you want to get to the other side.

A few months back, we saw a student who wore flip flops to his graduation ceremony, and now we've seen another who wore merely jeans and a T-shirt. He doesn't look like he's dressed up for a business meeting with his attire. Because of this, he decided not to purchase the suit, realizing he would miss the ceremony if he did not.

He has a fascinating tale to share. With his grandma, he was raised, and she is presently parenting more than ten other children. She is the only one who earns money for the family. Social media users were moved by the narrative and many expressed an interest in making a donation in response. It's a pity that his grandmother was unable to attend his graduation due of her health. Mzansi is relieved that he was able to handle the circumstance and not let it get the best of him.

Dumisani has been getting all the support and assistance he needs ever since his picture was put online. According to him, he's been getting phone calls from various people offering to donate to the cause. He admitted that he couldn't answer all of them.. Dumisani is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support he has received from so many people.


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