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CelebCity: Cassper Reveals How Much He Made From Last Night's Fight, See This

It really takes a lot to do what rapper and businessman Cassper Nyovest did last night at Sun City, everything turned out to be a success regardless of his loss.

When it comes to the culture of boxing, it really makes sense for people to continue to support this, the country was entertained.

And one thing that people should never downplay is the rapper's impact with this recent move, his music career has been doing well and he still took a risk to do something outside of music.

Now, there had to be questions about how much he took home from the whole thing, but it is quite interesting how Cassper revealed the amount of money he made last night.

He asked people on social media if they would like to see some more action, probably from rapper Big Zulu and disk jockey and producer DJ Fresh.

He also told people to give him some names of people they would like to see in the ring, but obviously, there are still some people who are stuck on what happened last night.

One person asked if Cassper has the energy to talk after last night's boxing and he responded by saying he does, simply because he made R1 Million in one night.

This probably shocked a lot of people, he did not get a win, but he got a whole lot more, imagine making a million in just one night.

Another thing he definitely got is respect from his peers, he makes things happen, he once talked about this boxing thing and he eventually made it happen.

This should be inspiring, Cassper promised to make boxing in South Africa big again and people can finally see it. And this is only the beginning, the rapper will make more money, as it is, people are hooked, they cannot wait to see the next fight.

Maybe there might be celebrities from other countries as well, the ball is already rolling, boxing is back and these should be exciting times. Big up to Cassper Nyovest, he exceeded everyone's expectations, now people know that he is capable of doing something even bigger.

There is a rematch that might happen in three months time and we can also expect a fight between Big Zulu and DJ Fresh and this is if Fresh agrees to be part of the fun. For now, the names are coming in, if there are two celebrities that you think would entertain us in the ring, then maybe you should leave your two names in the comment section below.

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