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Jokes aside why is Ami Faku wearing a banana people are worried that she be going through something

Amanda Faku (born May 28, 1993) is a South African musician, performer, and songwriter. Born and raised in the township of Ezinyoka, Port Elizabeth, Faku rose to fame as a contestant on The Voice SA season 2 in 2017 and began getting recognition in the music industry.

There's one thing people don't know about people on Social media and is that people on social media know how to expose someone and they don't care who you are, and most of the time they target celebrities as they say celebrities Are full of themselves.

And this celebrity will surprise you sometimes more especially when it comes to fashion, things they do just to draw people's attention to them will shock you for real. Sometimes you don't know if whether it's fashion or it was a mistake because people go through a lot out there, so you never know sometimes.

Ami Faku found herself trending after she left people in stitches when they exposed her for wearing a banana in a music video. Ok, this does not make any sense at all who does this, who goes to a gig wearing a banana. Like I mean Ami Faku is old enough to know when she is wearing shoes wrong, what went wrong how did she end up wearing shoes like that.

Now she became a laughing stock as people react to a post shared by ChrisExcel the Twitter President as people are puzzled by this and shocked at the same time. It's funny that people are laughing about this matter, but some people are worried that she might be going through a lot to do something like this.

What people are saying about Ami Faku going through a lot it might be true because entertainment industry can be toxic sometimes, to a point were people lose themselves in the process. Because there's no explanation for this.

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