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People will make fun of everything they don't understand. Why? ||Opinion

As someone who grew up with Strabitumus widely known as Cross Eyed. I had a messed up childhood with people making fun of me. But i grew beautifully into them and i don't regret having them as they make me who i am.

Watching people make fun of this small boy Bobo the Ilwa Ntombo child just brings back old painful memories. And i hope for him that a samaritan can step up amd offer him surgery, as the public will always ridicule him for his eyes no matter how hard he will fight for beauty.

Just recently he has underwent a serious skin transformation and he is glowing, but people still focus mainly on his eyes.

Strabitumus is mostly common also on people who are suffering from Dawn syndrome. And there no surgery can even help.

Educate yourself and avoid being the reason someone loses their self confidence because of a comment that you left under their picture.

Be bigger than that.

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