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Duduzane Zuma’s Wife Finally Get Revealed, People Continue To Question About This

Now, just because businessman Duduzane Zuma has a wife, it does not mean that this will stop South African women from crushing on him. It has been a thing for some time now, and besides, Duduzane also kind of made it seem like he is no longer with his wife, people knew about the wife, but they never really knew if she was still part of Duduzane's life.

There have been times when Duduzane was seen with a number of women, but it turns out that he is very friendly, so he takes a lot of pictures with his female supporters.

You might know that Duduzane has been married to his wife, Shanice Stork for years now and people must have concluded that the couple does not want to be seen in public together. And one would assume that, Shanice is a private person, she probably did not want to deal with the attention that her husband gets everywhere he goes.

You would swear that, Duduzane is a president or some popular rapper, it is always packed where he is. That has worked to his advantage and most likely will in the coming months, but it probably gets too much, even for him.

Now, there is a picture that has made it to social media and one knows how things are blown out of proportion on social media, people were quick to question who the lady seen with Duduzane in the picture was.

This came before people knew that, it was his wife, to some people, they probably thought that Shanice was one of the "groupies", but later on, it was revealed that, she was actually Duduzane's wife. Knowing that Duduzane's marriage is still intact, probably threw some ladies off because they never really want to see him as the married guy.

Duduzane has been so good at maintaining this bachelor appearance that no one would have suspected he was married if they never knew. The way he has been moving around, he is like someone who just hooks up with a lady for the night and move on the next day.

Fortunately for him, that is not who he is because we would be seeing him a lot in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons.

With this particular picture where he is seen standing with his wife, it seems like he was caught slipping, the last thing he would want, is to make all the ladies who were hoping they would be his wives to lose interest.

But then again, maybe he probably thought that, he would make it around the city without anyone noticing. He does not really go out with his wife that often, if he did, there would be more pictures of them, spotted somewhere, eating lunch or something.

So, he probably wanted to go out with her and spend some quality time, that is actually necessary for a married couple. There have been women who came out and mentioned how they would not mind being Duduzane's sidechicks and that is just of some of the crazy things they have said.

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