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He served his best for last performance on The River:The late Veteran Patrick Shai (Opinion)


Right when everyone is focused on creating new year’s resolution and working on them then death comes and steels joy of everyone.No one will ever get used to the sting of death.Once again the entertainment industry of South Africa has been robbed of one of the greatest veterans and legends.Death always comes unexpected and leaves everyone in disbelief and mourning.However the people who usually get affected the most are the relatives and close friends of the deceased.The late veteran Patrick Shai’s family are feeling the excruciating pain at the moment.

Photo:@Mzansi Magic (Twitter)

Sometimes being in the lime light gives everyone access into your life indirectly.Even if the family of the late Patrick Shai wants to do everything in private but the public will always have something to say.The family shares the legendary Patrick Shai with the Nation as he was a gift and entertained them for the longest time.He was consistent in his craft and natured it so well.Each and every character that he was given a chance to portray he left no stone unturned.Indeed he was a gift and called for what he was doing.

Photo:@mzansi magic (Twitter)

Lately he was portraying a role of Phasha on the telenovela The River.He seemed to be enjoying his role a lot.He portrayed the character so well,he was one of the actors who becomes inseparable with their characters.Tshedza Pictures penned down their heartfelt message and shared some few videos of his character on on The River.See the screen shoot below:

Photo:@Tshedzapictures (Instagram)

It seems as if he was saving the best for last with his last scenes on the telenovela The River he seemed to be enjoying himself,he will be missed for that performance that he gave on The River.May His death be the reminder that we need to be kind to everyone especially the one’s who look strong,have it all together because everyone is fighting their own battles that they can not share with the whole world.Indeed he served his best with his best performance in his last days.

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