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Andile Mpisane Has Come Under Fire As The Public Wants To Know Why Is Sbahle Not Included In The Fam

The Mpisane family really will not be catching the break any time soon with the rate things are going at. Celebrities enjoy a lot of advantages with their celebrity status but at the same time it is not always good vibes. This is mainly because once you become a public figure, people always feel like they have an opinion in your life therfore they should always say what they feel in that moment.

The Mpisane family came into the public eye more than a year go. This is when they debuted their TV reality show. What was made clear from the get go of the show was that Shawn Mkhize is not the biological mother of sbahle Mpisane, she is only the biological mother of andile Mpisane, however, andile and sbahle still remain siblings.

MaMkhize has always come under fire for not including sbahle in the family, the way she does with andile. Well guess what, today it is andile who is under public scrutiny after he posted a magazine shoot of himself, his mother and his daughter,, sbahle was the only family member that was not there. The public came guns blazing asking questions as to why is sbahle not included.

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