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At Last| It's Ramaphosa's Time To Face the Music

Date: 25/01/22



The country just watched as Cyril Ramaphosa's recording got swept under the rug a couple of weeks ago. This was a leaked recording of an NEC meeting whereby Ramaphosa admitted to what seems to be a crime. He stated that the African National Congress is using state funds to fund their campaigns and he would do anything to make sure the public never finds out about it. Even when they tried to hide the story, it is now Ramaphosa's time to face the music.


A couple of days ago, the ANC suspended Mervyn Derks for pushing their issue of accountability out of the president. What actually happened is that he wanted Ramaphosa to explain the words he said in the recording but instead, he got suspended. Of course, there is a valid reason according to the ANC why he was fired but other people believe it was done intentionally.

They believe it was a tactic to shut Ramaphosa up and make sure that he is not questioned. Unfortunately for him, it all didn't work. As if Tuesday, it said that Ramaphosa still needs to answer for his what he said during that meeting. He is finally going to face the music.


I still strongly feel that the consequences of Ramaphosa's Actions are not really going to be felt. Scopa might be too kind to Ramaphosa and if they are kind, he will get away with what he did. He also might be in for a very rough ride. All this could backfire and have him lose all the support he had gotten from the people. Who wants to protect or vote for a guy who misuses government money?

What is your take on the matter?

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