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Magonwa's accounts are frozen: Skeem Saam

Magongwa's Business Accout Has Been Blocked, Witchcraft Is Dealing With Him In SkeemSaam

Celia and Alfred merit an Oscar for their acting. They come from exceptionally far, they played scoundrels on Ubizo and these characters suit them even on Skeem Saam.

Trouble usually rolls in like a flood in the Magongwa house. The table is going to turn at the Magongwa's. It says inaccurate secret phrase. Magongwa isn't permitted admittance into the record neediness stacking. Magongwa is denied admittance into a significant business account. Magongwa had been hindered from his Business Accout. That new sangoma could witch Magongwas for neglecting to pay him.

And afterward the secret phrase issue!!Alfios transformed it now Magongwa is stuck. To be straightforward I think Alfios is faking the cognitive decline. Celia and Magongwa will realize that Karma is a bitch. The manner in which Alfios is acting it appears as though he isn't distraught, he hindered the record. Alfios is extremely particular with regards to what he recalls and what he doesn't recollect. The Amnesia that his having is very syring thay even Glenda couldn't get Alfios to recollect that anything. Alfios he's not faking it, he couldn't recall his crush Glenda.

The look sangoma when the bank profile hindered Magongwa. This new sangoma is acting, you can see that he's been advised. Alfred ought to be frightened of the things that could happen to him. Black magic is genuine and we are going to encounter one and this time it's from the towns when they cast the spell.

What's befalling Alifios is verification that adversaries are frequently very nearer than we might suspect. alfios will have all the cash and he will open his spaza shop and charles kunutu he will fault his sibling demise for not prevail at his shop no big surprise I dont see his home and spouse

Alfred Magongwa could lose his employment on the off chance that he go on with his conduct of not showing the understudies and performing his responsibilities as Deputy Principal. I'm stressed over the chief how could this be in any event, occurring. She ought to be pleased with kwaito's prosperity after all he was their understudy. This lady is so horrible. In any case, I love Lizzy in light of the fact that she came clean with her and chief will free her position and be given to Wallet's better half.


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