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'DJ Maphorisa's Birkin Bag Cost R477k' Check How People Commented

Date: 22/07/03


'DJ Maphorisa's Birkin Bag Cost R477k' That is Why Black People Will Never be Rich, A Guy React

Most of black people like to show off they things, they love attention and also to show others how much they have.

Most of the black celebraties love to buy expensive things that are useless just to show others that they can afford that. Most of them will be buying clothes that cost lots of money and show off their clothes so that people can praise them. They should start businesses with those money so that they can help others who are struggling with jobs and that will also help them to never be poor again.

Dj Maphorisa show off his bag that cost lots of money. The bag cost R477 000, with this money you can even buy a brand new car but he bought one bag. Mzansi is so Suprised after seeing the bag, they even commented. Here are some of their comments.


Yes it is his money but then sometimes helping those who have nothing won't hurt anyone. With that money if he could have opened a big shop or something, lots of people will be having jobs now but is is his money he can do anything with it.

What do you think about this?

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