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(Opinion) Izangoma Zodumo| "This show makes me uncomfortable"

This show makes me uncomfortable. I understand that we are living a modern life in a western run world. But certain things should remain sacred. My opinion. #izangomazodumo.

#izangomazodumo I started practicing my gift at age 16 and I would like to confirm that the show is scripted!!! And is a disgrace to the traditional healing industry!! Indumba and the gift is sacred. Yoh yoh so these are the kinda things the Sangoma's say when you meet them? #izangomazodumo

You went to a private school and you cannot count Khanyile says to Makhosi #izangomazodumo

This is disrespectful shame.. Already Sangomas are seen as fake now this show will cement that.

Bububhanxa obu rhaa #izangomazodumo.

This girl lost me at "" Ghetto Snacks" literally it rubs me up the wrong way when black people call other black people "Ghetto" when they level up in life because we all come from there first class English or not Tsek #izangomazodumo. The gogo we wine and English, wasn't she on papgeld awhile back, with a soccer player baby daddy or ngiyamfanisa? #izangomazodumo.

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Indumba Izangoma Zodumo| Khanyile Makhosi izangomazodumo


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