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Famous Singer Sued For Punching Bartender.

Celebrities are humans too. They have emotions too,they get angry and some get angry easily. Such is life. But being a celebrity requires more than getting angry easily. You have to be on your best behavior all the time, especially when you are around people or in public. You must keep in mind that the very same people are the ones who build you and the reason why you still have a career,since they support your talent.

It all happened in Cardi B's concert in 2019. Apparently Trey Songz punched a bartender, because he refused to follow the venue's rules. Trey Songz jumped on the bar to sit and watch the show,where he was not supposed to sit,where no one is allowed to sit, because that's where bartenders serve drinks. He could have just sat on the chair,but he didn't and when the bartender tried to get him down,he ignored him. When he bartender touch him on his back to get his attention,he then punched him with his fist.

The bartender suffered an emotional breakdown, physical pain and psychological injury. However this whole thing happened in 2019. The question is why didn't he sue him earlier?

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