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Enhle fails to pay for her electricity bill again, See this?


Enhle Mbali has failed to pay her electricity bill again, Luxurious living without Black Coffee becomes difficult Mlotshwa is known to be in the dark again. 

This time, the actress thinks she spent a week without electricity after the power was turned off. 

Two close family friends have mercilessly made it clear that the star playing Lindy's character in the magic drama has been living in the dark since Monday because her electricity bill hasn't been paid. 

"Same as before, but remember that Nathi [Maphumulo, AKA DJ Black Coffee, Mlotshwa`s exhusband] paid the bill at the time. He made it clear so I don't know if he's paying it back now. He won't save her again ' said one source. 

Johannesburg Shiga I had the same experience as Muroshu in May when the couple broke up and Mafumuro moved to the luxury Santon's house, where they cut power.

At, the two were engaged in a social media war after Mlotshwa posted an Instagram video of herself and her kids having dinner in the dark, mocking the situation at the time. 

"You have to go out with a candle. The actress paid for electricity in video by Mafumuro and posted a response on social media."

I've been sending you electrical bills since March. What you know is yesterday they turned off the lights and you came here again and made another story that it's my fault. Manage your bills. 

"It was very heartbreaking to see the video ridiculing this situation. I have settled my electricity bill this time for my child. [I] will pay my electricity bill in the future," he added.

The sculptor musician also revealed that he pays the actor a monthly maintenance fee of 65,000 rupees. 

I didn't go home-I was in Durban. I'm kidding, I'm talking about this electricity. Women are financially abused and joked in every possible way. Leave it alone. Let's see how you guys perpetuate the patriarchal system 

Mbali Mlotshwa 

Another source heard about the electrical problems of Mlotshwa with the Maphumulo family using vines. 

"Currently Enre and Black Coffee are co-parenting and the children are with their mother for a week and their next dad. Black Coffee's family heard the situation from others.

In terms of parenting plans, he is not obligated to pay electricity bills because each of them spends the same time with the children and therefore needs to take care of the children equally. '" she said.

The source added: "It doesn't seem like she can't live like before on Mubari Black Coffee, but she's refusing to let go.

The family has advised her to downsize several times, but she just doesn't listen. The house is too big, and now she doesn't have a stable job and the money she receives every month will only sink into the sea once it covers her expenses. "

Mlotshwa, who asked for comment, claimed that she was being economically abused. 

"I'm not at home - I was in Durban. Now the joke is that the biography woman is a joke, economically abusive in every way. Let's see how you guys are going to sustain the patriarchal system," she said. said. 

At the time of printing, Maphumulo has not responded to requests for comments.

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