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"Jub Jub just caught another one cheating in front of my gate"

The famous Jub Jub, who is a TV presenter for the show Uyajola 9/9 has surprised South Africans, with his ability to track down people who are not faithful in their affairs. Jub Jub served his sentence after killing school boys in a friendly race between him and a friend. He paid for his wrong doing, and since no one is perfect, he should not be criticized for the implementation of the Uyajola 9/9. He is trying to make a living.Jub Jub has been giving South Africans great and bad moments simultaneously. This man went from prison and caught the attention of the entire South Africa. He has only one motive with the show that he is presenting, which is to expose people who are cheating and not being faithful to their partners. He has been doing it week and week out on Sunday evenings. He has touched many lives and some people hate him wholeheartedly, however, to some it is the opposite. There is no one who wants their love life to be interrupted. Love life is a private matter, and what Jub Jub is doing is invading other people's Private Lives.

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There is a new video that has been circulating on Twitter showing this man doing his job as usual. He has found another cheating partner in public, and the cameras were all over her. It is embarrassing to be exposed in this manner, because everyone is going to know about you in South Africa. This TV show has consequences, some people never recover from this experience, and it is difficult for them to have a social life again. Those who found that their partners are cheating on them, can have emotional breakdown and need psychological help.

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Jub Jub, might have implemented this show based on generation of money. However he should never overlook the implications that he brings to the lives of South Africans. Families are broken, marriages are broken and Partners can separate forever because of this TV show. The video that has been taken has not yet been televised and South Africa will one day have the opportunity to See It playing on Sunday evening. We urge that people should remain faithful in their relationships, and if things are not working out for them they should leave unhesitatingly.


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