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King Mswati With King Letsie In The Gold Swati Palace

Opinion| These photos show the King of Eswatini and King of Lesotho during the Sotho King’s visit to Eswatini.

I will mostly focus on the background of these photos which show the extravagant palace which is owned by King Mswati.

These photos were during the visit of the King’s visit.

King Letsie III and King Mswati III do share a close bond especially since they are both the last monarchs ruling an entire country in Southern Africa.

As King Mswati welcomes King Letsie and his delegation, one can visibly see the grand structure which is the interior of the palace.

It is all gold throughout the palace. Very vast grand windows are seen which bring in lighting into the palace.

The Swati King then introduces some of his government officials. Again, the gold interior of the palace is visibly seen in the background.

Look at King Mswati walking down one of the passages in the palace. It screams fine gold much like a European palace.

As they are seated in the royal red with gold touches couches, the rug on the floor reflects empire standard. 

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