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These Three Celebrities are Sisters Check out who they are

Most of the time some celebrities have siblings that are in the same industry as them, but people are totally unaware of their connection.

Some are just siblings and some are just relatives, and in the case of those celebrities that don't have their families in the industry, they like to keep their identities hidden for the protection of their privacy.

But these three celebrity siblings are not afraid to share with the whole world that they are related and that they are sisters. The three ladies in question are non other then musician, Nandi Madida, social light Noma Mngoma and Langa Mngoma.

As we probably know Nandi Madida was famously known by the name Nandi Mngoma before she got married singer and music producer Zakes Bantwini. The singer is not just in musician but she is also an actress, television host and presenter, and she is currently also a mother and a wife. She is very close with one of her sisters Langa and the two always gives shout outs to each other on social media.

The second one in social media Influencer Langa Mngoma who is one third of the sister hood. Langa is also a medical doctor and she is a true reflection of the saying, beauty with brains. Langa is also a musician and she has also filmed a couple of videos of her singing or either playing the keyboard. She is currently 30 years of age and she is a degree of medicine and surgery from the university of Cape Town. Dr Langa Mngoma loves her sister very much and she also attends her shows every time she has one.

And last of all we have Noma Mngoma famously known as Noma Gigaba, yes as in a wife to former Finance minister Malusi Gigaba. Noma is now ex wife of the former minister and she has gone back to using her maiden name of Mngoma. She rose to fame for being the wife of the former minister and after some cheating scandals, Noma trended on the socials for vandalizing the former ministers G63 Mercedes Benz, which actually belonged to a friend of the Minister. Despite not being exactly part of the mainstream celebrity circuit, Norma commands a huge 1 million followers on Instagram.





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