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SABC1 isiXhosa Newsreader, Lisakhanya In Her Makoti Attire

SABC1 isiXhosa Newsreader married her long-time sweetheart. The traditional ceremony to unite the two families was held in Ntabankulu in Eastern Cape.

Simmy took to Facebook to celebrate this important event with the SABC1 presenter and both families who were part of the festivities. He posted the picture is the new bride, wearing traditional attire that is worn by a woman who is a newlywed. She looked beaming with a smile and happy to have been welcomed into her new family.

Her fans congratulate her and wished that they were invited to the traditional wedding ceremony. Some praised her work ethic saying that they love how she reads the news on SABC1 and that her smile should always be there for her fans and followers. Others noticed some bricks and said they can already attest that she was there to build the new family.

Congratulations Lisakhanya Pepe. Enjoy and appreciate your home and new family


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