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Convicted Murderer Oscar Pistorius Has Met With Reeva Steenkamp's Family; This Is Why

South Africa has been struggling with a severe epidemic of Gender-Based Violence, in which numerous women are assaulted by their spouses. Some individuals have left their relationships, while others have not survived.

This is why the country has been promoting awareness about Gender-Based Violence and assisting thousands of affected women by encouraging them to report crimes of abuse.

When Oscar Pistorius was accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp nine years ago, he made headlines. After a heated disagreement with an abusive partner, this left many individuals questioning if it is safe to use the restroom at home. This understanding was chilled to the bone.

eNCA reports that Pistorius had visited with the victim's family as part of an Offender-Victim Dialogue and has hoped for an early release from prison. After being transported to a prison in Gqeberha last year, he has been sent back to a facility in Attridgeville.


Only hope remains for Pistorius's rehabilitation. After the murder of their daughter, Reeva, Reeva's family also deserves healing and closure. Nothing will ever make up for their child's death. Whether or not Pistorius is granted parole, he will continue to live his life, in or out of prison.


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