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Evelyn's Left #SkeemSaam Viewers Talking In Social Media After She Said This To Principal Thobakgale

Evelyn's Left #SkeemSaam Viewers Talking In Social Media After She Said This To Principal Thobakgal

#SkeemSaam has top notch actors From Tobakgale, Ma Ntuli, Alfred and even Charles. These people are exceptional at their craft. SkeemSaam viewers has fallen in love with today's episode after seeing the scene of Principal Thobakgale, Evelyn's and Alfred Magongwa.

SkeemSaam fans has been saying that Principal Thobakgale should resigned with immediate effect. Many viewers are no longer happy with her managing the school. Viewers don't like this Thobakgale she is full of herself her leadership is too tight special on Teachers and learner's.

Evelyn's story got everyone emotional. Evelyn must heal from her traumatic divorce . It was just pain talking. Those who are employed they should not be the reason why a colleague drags going to work. The only truth she said is that “principal doesn’t want any opinion of she saying at that and she knows how to embarrass someone

Many teachers says she is bully ,she does not listen to anyone. The department people heard all those teachers no one said anything good about principal.

Even students don't like her, not even one teacher likes her because she is bully. Many viewers has been saying that they would love Manaka to be become principal.

Zamo is right, principal Thobokgale is irrational most of the time. She is also a dictator, it's either her way or the high way. That's not how a leader should lead.

What happened to Evelyn is analysing Principal through Magongwa opinion. But soon she will realise Magongwa was only using her whether he becomes a principal or not.

It's a pity a lot of employees around The world have or are going thorough this Batista VS teachers drama at work everyday



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