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She was labelled a Bonang-lite (as shown in the picture) : Read how Lerato hit back at Musa

Musa Khawula is a content creator on Twitter who is known for sharing gossips about South African celebrities . However , he is sometimes disrespectful , like what he did with Lerato Kganyago . He labelled Lerato a Bonang-lite , something which did not go down well with Lerato .

Lerato went on and demanded to be respected by Musa Khawula and reminded him of the criminal charges that are still pending for him .She went on and claimed that Musa had been convicted of crimes such as Drug Trafficking as shown in the screen shots below :

It is concerning how Musa is disrespectful on Twitter on most celebrities . Look at some of the screenshots showing how Musa Khawula is so disrespectful towards other celebrities :

It can be noted from the screen shots above that Musa Khawula attacks almost everyone via his Twitter account . Respect is a part of the society which needs to be embraced all times . The Twitter platform as well is not a good one as other people use the same platform to attack and bully others .

Musa needs to make content in a fair way , and he can't make a name for himself by bullying and shaming others . The unverified information that he shares on a regular basis about some celebrities has created some tensions . He has been warned before about his conduct , but he continues doing the same thing .

More screenshots showing how Musa can be disrespectful towards other celebs:

It's for this reason that the Twitter users need to be careful regarding believing what Musa Khawula says via his account . Some of the things he says will be unverified , hence the need not to believe everything shared under his account . He needs to learn to respect other people , so that he can be respected as well .

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