Bev Causes Chaos At Macheso Gig

A controversial dancers Beverly “Bev” Sibanda and Lady Storm had to be separated as they tussled on Alick Macheso’s recent family show held at Club Las Vegas.

A seething Beverly Sibanda claimed Lady Storm’s dancers bullied her in the toilet, which sparked a heated argument in the midst of Alick Macheso’s show.

Eventhough bouncers and friends were quick to intervene, Beverly confronted Lady Storm who was restrained from attacking Beverly.

Some of Lady Storm’s male dancers had a torrid time trying to calm down the two dancers as the argument almost degenerated into a fist fight.

The chaos occurred after Lady Storm’s performance who as the opening act for Alick Macheso.

“Your dancers have bullied me in the toilet, I don’t want drama here guys.

“I just came here to enjoy myself and not to engage in these petty little arguments.

“Lady Storm tell your dancers to control themselves,” said Bev as she charging towards Lady Storm who maintained her cool.

Lady Storm, a former soldier and martial arts enthusiast, surprised many as she remained calm throughout the drama.

“I’m now a grown-up and I don't want drama anymore.

“If Beverly is having problems with my dancers, she must confront me and tell me what they have done wrong.

“She can be seen bullying others wherever she goes, she is spoiled,” Lady Storm was heard saying that.

She however pleaded with H-Metro Entertainment not to publish the story.

“I don’t see a anything to be published here but you know Beverly wants drama a lot.

“She can create a drama to remain relevant but I am not that kind of person anymore.

“With maturity, you shun some of the funny stuff you used to do like public violence,” she said.Over the years, Beverly has strived on ‘dissing’ fellow dancers like Zoey among others.

Her former manager Harpers Mapimhidze who was fired recently used to project her for the past 11 years before they their marriage ended.

A lot was expected from Beverly to change her wayward behavior after getting married Chambuka Mufudzi who was based overseas.

However, Beverly appears to have changed into a ‘beast’ as she has gone back to her past ways.

Beverly is one of the woman who cannot hide her feelings when wronged by anyone.

She normally shares her anger, frustration and happiness on social media where she doesn’t speak in riddles.

This her new tiff with Lady Storm caught many by surprise as the two hardly compete for the same fan base.

Lady Storm is now backed by a live band while Beverly Sibanda still remain a club dancer playing to backtracks.

Also she is known for making cameo roles at other top musicians live shows.

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