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Divorce Affair

Were We wrong about DJ Melzi's cheating allegations?

Often times the media gets a lot of stories wrong and we as the consumers of the information end up being fed the wrong information about people, although it is not very common among professional media outlets but it does actually happen. Social media is one of the biggest provider of false news and information, so is it better to just trust professional media outlets instead? Well, the answer to that should be yes.

A lot of celebrities have had the wrong stories put out about them on social media, mostly by untrained individuals who have no proof of the news they have put out. Could it be that this is the same case with DJ Melzi who in the past 3 to 4 days was faced with allegations of cheating on his Fiancee, Andiswa Selepe, who all know as the Bomb Rsa on social media.

A video of the young man has been all over the internet of the young man dropping off a young lady, who people quickly assumed to be his side chick. Well, it could be that the young lady he dropped off was just a close friend, or she could have been a close relative, there's also that option as well.

There is no definitive proof that actually proves that DJ Melzi is in fact cheating on his partner, another thing is that there hasn't been anything about cheating that has been said from DJ melzi and Andiswa, so I think we should keep an open mind about this and it wouldn't hurt to assume that maybe, just maybe DJ Melzi isn't cheating on his partner.

I mean a video and a few pictures that don't even show DJ melzi himself shouldn't even be considered as proof, If it was in the court of law, that wouldn't even be considered as proof of anything because the accused isn't even in the pictures.

What I'm trying to say it, mayne we might be wrong about Melzi, maybe he's innocent, and that is not because I'm taking sides, but because there is no hard evidence that proves these claims.

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