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Gogo Maweni: Who Said SK Left Me?

Gogo Maweni clapped back in a series of tweets where he claims SK never left him.

This comes after Mzansi woke up to a video of SK Khoza with having oral sex with an unidentified female. Musa Khawula was among those who posted the video in the early hours of 06 July 2022. The video has since went viral and people had a lot of of opinions about SK and Gogo Maweni.

Cypher Letswalo said: "I see why Gogo Maweni was mad when SK Khoza left her." Maweni sub-tweeted by saying: Why must you include me? She made another sub-tweet and qouted it : And who said he left like you're all saying? You like saying things you have no idea of. You will later cry withchcraft just because you don't watch your mouth.

Judging from her sub-tweets, Gogo Maweni could be insinuating that she left SK and not the other way round.

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